Beginners Guide to USA Casinos

The beginners guide to USA casinos where you can find out the important questions like can a US player gamble online, which is the best online casino software, where to play tournament blackjack and which are the best online casinos for slots tournaments.

Can a US player gamble online?
Yes, but you will need to find the right casinos. There are only a small number of different casino software providers, and only some of them allow American players. The two most prominent examples are the Real Time Gaming (RTG) software platform and the Vegas Tech software platform.

Which is better: Vegas Tech or Real Time Gaming?
They both have their strengths. US players who want to take advantage of massive deposit bonuses and play in slots tournaments will be better off with Vegas Tech casinos, who tend to focus on big bonuses and slots players. US players who are more interested in table games like blackjack will probably find RTG casinos are more to their tastes, as some of them offer blackjack tournaments and excellent bonuses for table game players, as well as a more comprehensive selection of casino table games.

Which are the best Vegas Tech casinos for American players?
Online Vegas and Go Casino are the best Vegas Tech casinos accepting American players. Vegas Tech casinos offer an incredible number of slots games, which tend to have better visual design than the slots offered by a lot of the international competition.

Online Vegas and Go Casino are quite similar. They each have a 9 level reward program that gives players bonuses and cash back, they have the same schedule of slots tournaments, they have the same game range, and they use the same progressive jackpot pool that is worth millions.

Where these two Vegas Tech casinos differ most is in their welcome bonuses. Online Vegas offers up to $5,000 in bonuses to new players, while Go Casino offers up to $20,000 in bonuses. Now, it may seem like the choice is easy, but there is more to bonuses than just how much you can get in total.

The Online Vegas welcome bonus scheme is front heavy. $1575 of welcome bonuses are available in the first 3 deposits for total deposits equalling $1300, which is about a 120% bonus overall. That is excellent value for players on an average budget, as each deposit is no more than $500, yet the payoff is excellent.

At Go Casino, the full welcome bonus scheme is 100% up to $1,000 on your first 20 deposits. That is a possible $3,000 bonus over your first 3 deposits, but it requires an equal investment. High rollers can take full advantage of this offer, but players with smaller budgets would be better off with the first 3 Online Vegas bonuses.

Both Online Vegas and Go Casino are excellent choices for US players, and they are absolutely trustworthy. You simply need to decide which of them will offer you the best value for your budget level.

Which are the best Real Time Gaming casinos for American players?
Bodog Casino and Planet 7 Casino are probably the best RTG casinos for US players. The advantages of RTG casinos include a massive range of games and a lot of very rich progressive jackpots. The jackpots are found mostly on slots games, but a small selection of tables games also have jackpots worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Bodog Casino is a name that will sound familiar to most US players, who would have seen Bodog sportsbook or Bodog poker advertising. Well, Bodog also offers an excellent RTG-based casino. It isn’t exactly Real Time Gaming software – it is actually a slightly improved version that has allowed Bodog to provide an even more convenient user experience with a browser-based version of the software in addition to the downloadable version (other RTG casinos do not have a browser-based option). Bodog is especially good for those new to online gambling, as it has excellent customer support services.

Planet 7 Casino is a great choice for high roller players from the US, as it accepts American Express cards (a rarity in the online gambling world) and offers some of the biggest high roller bonuses to be found online. Bonuses give you extra casino credit on top of the money you deposit, though you will have to meet playthrough requirements of the bonus before you can withdraw money. Nevertheless, players who are looking to spend hundreds or thousands in a session will be thrilled to find their deposits can be matched by up to 150% with the bonuses at Planet 7 Casino, some for up to $10,000.

Which are the best tournament blackjack online casinos for US players?
Cherry Red Casino and Rushmore Casino both feature live blackjack tournaments and accept players from the USA. They are both Real Time Gaming casinos, but the blackjack tournaments are not part of the regular casino software. Instead, players at these casinos have a separate blackjack tournament username that cannot be changed, as learning about the habits of other players is an important part of tournament blackjack. Changing your username would deprive other users of learning about your style of play.

Both sit and go tournaments (SnGs) and multi table tournaments (MTTs) are available at Cherry Red and Rushmore. SnGs require a set number of players to begin, but they are available at any time. MTTs start at a set time, but they draw huge numbers of players, and often have very large prize pools. For the biggest MTT blackjack events, the prize pool can climb to higher than $20,000.

Which are the best online casinos for US tournament slots players?
Go Casino and Online Vegas offer huge tournament slots prize pools every single month, and their total guaranteed tournament prize money per month is often close to half a million dollars. While some international casinos occasionally hold tournaments with bigger prize pools, this is usually for tournaments held over several months, and the casinos do not accept US players. Go Casino and Online Vegas heartily welcome US players, and they offer massive amounts of money on almost a weekly basis, not just a few times per year.

In an average month, Go Casino and Online Vegas will offer a major tournament with a prize pool of between $100,000 and $200,000. This will run for about a week, and on the weekends not covered by the main event, they run Weekend Madness tournaments that have a $50,000 prize pool – $30,000 in regular prize money and $20,000 in bonus money. In addition to all of that, there are other daily slots and video poker tournaments, some with prize pools worth thousands of dollars.

One of the best features of slots tournaments at these casinos is that they regularly offer free initial entry into the biggest events. While rebuys into the tournament still cost money, every real money player gets a chance to win the tournament without having contributed a cent to the prize pool. It may be a long shot, but how often do you get the chance to win tens of thousands of dollars for nothing? About once or twice per month at Go Casino and Online Vegas.