New York Casino

New York Casino is an on-line casino which used the actual Playtech software program that is registered within Antigua and Barbuda. New York Casino is one of the 6 online gaming sites run and owned by way of Intercontinental Casinos Ltd. New York Casino supports downloadable software as well as the opportunity to put a wager with no download and install. Intercontinental Casinos Ltd. had been founded in 1998 by land-based casino professionals. Their particular objective is to present match gamers an additional reliable venue to online casinos.

New York Casino provides an impressive everyday reward as well as player reward program for the players. Immediately after obtaining a 100% match bonus, VIP members get a daily added bonus for nearly each recurring deposit that they make. New York Casino additionally features outstanding customer care, fast payouts and striking visuals. New York Casino is recognized as among the very best online casinos by several reviewers and also for a good reason.

To ensure that fair gaming is actually implemented, New York Casino servers happen to be handled by Playtech NV. New York Casino has no control over the outcome of any kind of game. Leading global accounting firm BDO looks at the Playtech Software program. After testing millions of online game rounds, BDO reported a 100% arbitrary result. Month-to-month game playing logs are provided to the Pay out Verification Unit of an independent online gambler consumers body known as Online Players Association for the purpose of analysis.

New York Casino Player Reward Program is considered as being the very best among the business. Everyday comps and bonuses are given for good custom as well as customer loyalty. The greater you play the more you get loyalty bonus. Personal Account Manager will be provided to you once you enroll in. This is the stage of contact in the on line casino and you should address any issue to that individual. New York Casino also has a points-based loyalty program that assigned points to each and every bet you make and will get instantly exchanged for added bonus.

New York Casino offers great payouts, huge bonus offer and an incredible number of games, 49 overall while using the Playtech software program. New York Casino lets you have a peek involving the Big Apple. New York Casino enables you to play blackjack, online poker, keno, roulette, baccarat, sic bo as well as slot machine games on the internet. It is possible to play your favorite game on-line at New York casino to your hearts content. Whats even more, it is very accessible to play. All you require is really a computer and you simply are set. You no longer need to pay extra for lodging or even transportation. New York casino brings the actual games at the comforts of your home. Stakes for every online game could be as low as 25 cents to as high as $300. 00. New York casino additionally delivers customer support to help players. The customer assistance teams operate Around the clock, 365 days per year and they are accessible toll free through telephone, email or even fax. They will quickly focus on your needs should you require support.

Deposit methods in order to enjoy at New York casino can be done by using 900Pay by Navaho, traditional bank draft, bank wire transfer, Citadel, Firepay, Mastercard, Moneybookers, Neteller and Visa. Currency recognised in New York Casino is in US dollars.

New York New York Modern casino

The famed New York New York Casino is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. New York New York Casino is a themed gambling establishment which presented new york as the ideal background. On choosing new york as their key theme, New York New York Casino aims to record not only the actual major tourist destination of the place but additionally the heart and soul of New York which it really is famed for- its busy city life and being the city which never ever sleeps.

New York New York Casino lets you enjoy the excitement of being in New York as well as at the same time enjoy the gaming action within Las Vegas. It is a mixture of two of the most exciting worlds- New York and also Las Vegas. New York New York Casino housed 2, 035 visitor rooms and suites. Numerous superb restaurants function within New York New York Casino. All the dining establishments have got varied selections of foods in order to cater to all the visitors discriminating preferences. Right from casual to fine dining restaurants, you can find them right here.

New York New York Modern casino features a total of 84, 000 square feet of casino gaming. The New York New York Casino contains 75 gaming tables and more than 2, 400 slot machines. Guests can try their chance through a number of games like Blackjack, craps, roulette, Pai Gow, poker and also keno in the main casino. It permits both low as well as high rollers to place their wagers on designated machines or gambling tables. New York New York Casino incorporates a themed Race and Sports book location in consonance with its New York atmosphere. Race and sports book area appears of New York New York Casino some sort of historic race track that is home to the “sport of kings”. Guest visitors in New York New York Casino can view the finest racing via telecast from the tracks throughout the usa.

In case you avail of New York New York Casino Players Club card you’ll be able to benefit from numerous advantages exclusive for the members in the club. Players Club card of New York New York Casino permits you admission to MGM MIRAGE 7 resorts as well as casinos, 100 restaurants, 10 shows, 6 spa as well as salons, 3 golf programmes, excellent accommodations and other fantastic exceptional marketing promotions. Per 100 slot points you earned, you will receive $1 cash.

Besides the $1 cash back, you can avail of Free Play. This is totally free credits on slot as well as poker machines. Whatsoever prizes you actually earn using your Totally free Play, you can actually retain. With Free Play, you will have much more possibilities to play as well as win the jackpot. You can obtain Free Play utilizing the New York New York Casino Players Club card when you have fun with slots or video poker. The more often you actually play slot machines and video poker while using the Players Club card, the more Free Play offers you could obtain from New York New York Casino through your mails. You will acquire a maximum of $200 for each offer of Free Play.

New York New York Casino definitely offers you an unforgettable game playing experience.